Keeping our ego in check is a key component to becoming a better fighter and a better human being. Unfortunately, we often create self-protective bubbles that insulate us and our ego from reality. Without a realistic grasp on reality, we live in an illusion. I see it all the time in my day to day life.

Whether it’s a drunk girl or guy out at a club or a concert, getting in a verbal confrontation and later saying something like “they’re lucky, I was about to whoop their ass”. When he or she has never been in a physical altercation in their entire life or even trained for that matter. Or a sports fan sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and a donut in the other screaming at the Television screen, questioning the coaches and players without ever even having played a sport in their own lives.

Regardless of what sport it is, these people are highly trained, highly skilled athletes playing for the most elite teams in the world. They have spent a minimum of a decade preparing themselves to be the finished product you are watching on television. Come on… You really think you can do better?

Delusion is what I would label this behavior, and it has a very common place in our society today. It’s even more prevalent now than ever before in history with the presence of social media and television. We now possess a creative outlet to develop a life that we share with others that is often a far cry from the reality we actually live. To live a truly authentic life, a life of purpose and truth, we must learn to be humble and accepting of our reality and develop gratefulness for our situation as opposed to boasting and portraying a false reality.

I cannot stress enough the importance of humble self-acceptance of exactly where you are right now in developing the person you truly desire to become. You must know where you are to know precisely where you are going.

The beauty of BJJ is that every time you walk in the door, your ego is challenged and most of the time quickly deflated. You get smashed and submitted every single day by opponents who weigh 50 lbs. less than you, with even less muscle mass. Talk about being humbled and facing reality. Even if you’ve worked your way up over the years to be the toughest person in the room, you are still constantly being challenged. You become a target, the person everyone desires to be like, and in return the person everyone wants to beat. I’ve seen guys come in and get smashed for years and then finally, one day, it all clicks and comes together for them. They climb through the ranks and they become the toughest person in the room. This flow is part of the humility cycle and crucial in teaching us to be humble and grateful exactly where we are. One day you’re getting smashed, and the next you become the smasher. We all came from the same place when we started on the mat. We were all white belts at one time or another. Respect yourself and your training partners. We are all tribe, striving from the same starting point for the same goal. Respect the journey, the belt you wear, and you’re training partners around you.

Having this type of training at your disposal is life-changing. It teaches you to carry over this mentality to your everyday life. BJJ creates better human beings. Not 100% every time, but I would say at least 90% of the time. Be humble my friend. Respect yourself and the people around you. You know how hard your journey has been, others are going through their own struggles as well. If you want to be a better business man or woman, a better wife or husband, a better father or mother, or a better child? Develop humility and be grateful!

Tips To Staying Humble

  • Be open and honest with yourself about exactly where you are “right here right now”

  • Accept yourself exactly where you are and do not pretend to be anything you are not

  • Along with creating goals and desired results, establish a clear definitive starting point

  • Work diligently to achieve your desired results

  • Embrace your mistakes, they are a gift, and the only real way to learn

  • Help others along the way

  • As you grow remember where you came from

  • Be grateful when you receive anything, no matter how small it is, that show the Universe you want more good things to come your way

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