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“Marc is a teacher and mentor at heart period! There’s some things you can’t teach and Marc’s genuine and sincere approach to how much he cares about other people and their success is undeniable. The experience I have had with him is legitimately priceless, I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone else so quickly. He is a great listener and has helped me quickly become a more disciplined and genuinely happy entrepreneur!”
-Peter Carrillo Owner of Zerotosixty Hospitality LLC


“While working with Marc what stood out the most was his passion and drive to see me and my business succeed.”-

-HEATH HIUDT Owner United States Wine Educators


“Not only does Marc have an extraordinary insight on life and helping people live to their full potential, his knowledge in business is unmatched. He imparted wisdom to me that is going to take my business to a whole new level. I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to work with Marc. I’m confident that this journey with him and all the knowledge and stand to gain from his guidance, will create new opportunities for me that I could only dream of.”

-Shawn Kocab

Owner of Alliance – Digital Marketing Concierge


“Marc helped me navigate pieces of my business that I am unfamiliar with. Most important was his dedication to be available to me any time of day no matter what time zone I was in.”
– AKIRA BACK Michelin Star Chef

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Top Rated Business Coach in Las Vegas

In today’s society, we focus on nothing but results. The interesting part is that we rarely get the results we are looking for. The reason for this is two major factors. First above all is overall life balance, and the second is accountability. If we are not balanced in all areas of our lives, we will never reach our optimal level of performance. Once we find that balance, we must set goals and KPI’s (key performance indicators) to chart our course and hold ourselves accountable. Only then can we gain the desired results we are searching for.


Do you wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world? Do you have a solid fulfilling relationship with you partner, your family, and your friends? Are you happy with your overall health and appearance? Is your business thriving (without you spending 80 hours a week on it)? Are you pursuing the type of business you have passion for? Are you finding time to have fun and pursue other life passions?


All of these pieces are not only important, they are directly related to the success of your business. When these pieces are out of balance you are not operating at your peak performance level, and your business will not see its most optimal results. Until you conquer yourself and align your own life, you will never be the leader you need to be, for the team you must build, to gain the results you always desired, and to be the business owner you have always dreamed of!

The Importance of a Business Coach




Accountability and SOP’s

Without accountability you will never have a system that works.  Creating a set system that is specific, well designed, and easy to follow, is the key to not only operating efficiently, but the means to holding your team accountable for their actions.  Discipline and focus cannot be measured without a system.  People cannot be held accountable without a tool to measure their performance by.  You cannot lead a group without the tools to measure and the discipline to hold them accountable.  My method does exactly that.  We custom tailor systems to keep you in control of your team and operating as efficiently as possible.  This method offers clarity and decisiveness for all parties involved.  Precision is the goal. 

Company Culture and Empowering Your Team

To function and operate at your peak performance level, your team must have a high sense of self-esteem.  They need to be involved in the why of what you are doing and feel included in the process of making that happen.  Cohesiveness is the key to creating a top-notch team that is all about growing your brand.  Learn how to not only build your team, but how to empower them to go above and beyond what you ever expected from them.  Invoking passion and purpose will bring you more results than you ever imagined possible.

Controlling Costs and Maximization

Paying attention to the details often results in the discovery of large amounts of capital either being wasted or not being maximized.  Learn how to fully audit your entire business to find any unnecessary spending or services that can be eliminated.  Also see where you can increase the productivity of the services you already provide, maximizing your profits through your current revenue streams.

Become A Real Business Owner

Your goal when you decided to start your own business was never to be the operator, it was to own and oversee the business.  Most business owners buy a job.  They spend more hours working on their business and making less money than when they worked for someone else.  If this sounds like you, trust me you’re not alone.  Learn how to stop trading hours for dollars, and to truly have the time to work on your business rather than work in it.  If you don’t take this step your business will never have the chance of growing to its full potential.  Allow me to show you how to step away, empower others, and become more profitable with more time to spend doing what you love!



you are ready to transform your business while transforming yourself from the inside out, reach out to Marc Longwith Consultants.  Let us custom tailor a program that will redefine and rebuild your business from the ground up.  We will customize strategies to optimize your business and grow it to its peak performance!


“HumanOp ULT Assessment” 90 minutes
The ULT (Ultimate Life Tool) is a patented proprietary 10 minute online human assessment based in science that helps me understand your traits, communication style, boundaries, motivational drivers, and perception. This allows me to work with you in a way that is specifically tailored to your unique make-up. Achieving the highest level of results in the most efficient manner possible.

Whiteboard Discovery Session 2 hours
A 2-hour breakthrough session designed to delve into the most specific pieces of why we are working together. The goal here is to clearly define your desired goals so that we can set KPI’s (key performance indicators) and accountability to achieve the agreed upon desired results as efficiently as possible

1-hour Weekly Meeting via Zoom chat or in person, depending on location for 12 weeks
Every week we will meet either online via Zoomchat or in person at a preset location to discuss the results of your work as well as strategize actions for the following week to bring you closer to your goals

Private Cloud Online Access for session notes and discussion via Trello platform
Trello is an online private cloud platform that will allow us to interact throughout the week as well as post any needed information or work during our tenure together

Direct Access via phone, text, or email for 12 weeks
You as the client will have direct access to me during the time we are under contract. When you truly decide to achieve your goals, the Universe begins to respond rapidly, often moving so fast that you may need answers on the fly. This access will allow you the ability to reach out to me whenever necessary to assist with your immediate needs.

Marc Longwith Consultants

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