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Time Management

Navigating your daily schedule and routine is one of the most challenging aspects of life.  As a business coach it is my job to show you how you can make the most out of your day and use your time efficiently.  Most people in the world waste large amounts of time due to poor planning and structure.  At first my clients tend to push back, but in the end, they wind up having more time to do the things they enjoy and spend time with the ones they love. 

Time blocking is the key to efficient living.  This is as close as you will get to actually having an assistant.  Being able to look at your schedule and know what to do any time of day is extremely helpful in creating efficiency and order in your life.  We constantly waste time figuring out what we will be doing next.  I have a group of clients who spend 2 to 3 days sometimes figuring out when they will meet next.  I simply solved this by setting up a specific day and time every week for them to meet consistently.  Now trust me, I know how simple that sounds, but you would be surprised at how many times we make simple mistakes like this in our lives.  Some of us crave structure, but most of us are all over the place. 

Structure is the key to getting your goals met in a timely manner.  Repetitive consistent scheduling of tasks allows this to happen.  I encourage my clients to do this in all aspects of their lives.  Even the smallest things, like feeding the dog or the baby, when they take the trash out, how much time they spend at the gym, etc. etc. etc.  Without structure we will naturally waste time doing mindless, meaningless things.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for mindless and meaningless things, everything in life has its place, just make sure you schedule it into your routine. 

Being a business coach means you have to show your clients results or you really have no value.  One of the ways I do this is creating schedules and routines for their daily lives, as well as creating schedules and routines within those routines.  For example, when my client goes to the gym, I know it takes them 25 minutes to accomplish the weight lifting routine I have created for them, another 30 minutes to do the cardio I have laid out, and 20 minutes to finish the stretching and ab routine.  That is a total of 75 minutes.  With a little leeway allowed, they should be spending no more than 90 minutes at the gym.  Trust me, a smoothie break, a talk with the local gym hottie, or just running into a friend could turn that 75 minutes into a 2.5-hour fiasco.  This is a complete waste of time and I will make sure they know it when they tell me why they are unable meet the time line I have structured for the day. 

Meetings are probably the biggest waste of time I experience with my clients.  They are completely unstructured and usually have zero focus.  When I am coaching a business meeting, I usually observe at first.  Once I see how my team interacts, I can then design a system that fits their needs.   I will start with the end of a meeting first.  At the end you should list all of the tasks you need to accomplish for the following week and assign those tasks to individuals for accountability.  During the week if there is any relevant material acquired, that material should be distributed through email to the other team members.  The meeting time is not the time to introduce new items or discuss new topics (unless it is specifically a brainstorming session).  All material should be looked over and studied so every team member is prepared to discuss the topics at hand.  Meetings are about solutions not discussion.  Of course, you need to discuss topics, but that can get out of hand quickly, and before you know it you are discussing your fantasy football draft or what new color you’re going to get for your pedicure. 

Managing our time may seem like a burden at first.  Trust me, I am a business coach who preaches heavily about time management, and even I fall of here and there.  Once you start doing it you begin to see how effective it is and how it creates opportunities for you to live your life the way you really want to.  Discipline is not easy, but it does get you the results you desire.  The more discipline I have the better my time blocking is.  The better my time blocking, the better my time management.  In the end I get the results I want and spend more time doing the things I love with the people I love!

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