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Company Culture

In today’s world our employees and partners are driven by the “why” of what they are doing.  They are much more attached to the brand and the company culture as a whole.  It is not just a job for them, they must be inspired and believe in what they are doing.  Getting your team behind you is crucial for productivity.  If your staff believes in you, they will bend over backwards and go above and beyond to get the job done.  Commanding respect while inspiring your team is a very tricky balance to maintain.  As a business coach I am able to guide my clients and teach them how to lead their team.  In the end they will be proud of themselves and proud of their staff, while increasing performance and overall productivity. 

Before I ever became a business coach, I was a line level employee in the food and beverage industry.  I experienced first-hand the type of management and leadership that I try to steer my clients from.  I did come across a few managers that were actually leaders and who I respected.  They would later be my role models when I opened my own business.  The managers and leaders I looked up to had my full support and I would jump at the opportunity to help them whenever needed.  I had the amazing pleasure of working with a phenomenal GM who happened to be a personal friend.  His charisma and down to earth approach not only inspired me but has been unmatched to this day.  He respected his people and supported them while demanding the best from them and always remaining alpha.  He is a genuine person who truly cared about his team.  You can’t fake that and trust me people could feel it. 

When I opened my first business I worked harder and longer than any of my employees.  Anything they did I could do better and faster.  I gained their respect by showing that I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty and that I was in it with them.  This hands-on approach was very successful for me and I still live by this method today.  I made it a point to hold my team to the standards that I upheld.  Since I could do it and they saw that there was never an issue of accountability. 

On a personal level I made it a point to know about each and every team member.  Their wives, husbands, children, dogs, family, etc.  What hobbies they enjoyed and what their dreams and aspirations were.  I listened to their feedback and most important, when they asked me for something, I delivered immediately.  Not in a week or a month, but that day, in that very moment.  They knew they could count on me, so in return I was able to depend on them.  This experience is invaluable.  It has helped me as a business coach time and time again.  I am able to show my clients how to treat and respect their team, and they believe in it because of how I treat and respect them.  Nothing in the world can replace genuine care and respect.  Not wearing pajamas to work or having task-based hours.  At the end of the day humans are pretty simple.  We want to be appreciated, respected, and included.  You do that from a genuine place and your staff will do anything for you. 

Last but not least I want to share the number one goal I teach my clients as their business coach.  Empower your employees.  Most owners are either afraid to give up the reigns or too controlling.  We often think that our team can’t handle it and that we can do it better.  I assure you that when you include your staff and empower them, they will not only do an amazing job, they will most likely surprise you and maybe even do the job better than you.  Inhibiting your team and controlling them does nothing to promote growth. Remember, the point of being an owner is to be able to replicate yourself and step away to grow and build the next thing. You can’t do that if you are stuck working in your business instead of on it.  That is what your team is for.  Support them and I promise you they will take care of you!

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