In any field we undertake, we must learn the value of creating milestones and setting goals. During the process of achieving these goals you develop skills such as patience, consistency, and tenacity, all crucial for peak performance in the business world. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your business or dream life. Let’s dive in here and see how Jiu Jitsu can teach us to develop and strengthen our goal setting

Let’s start with the ultimate goal, achieving your black belt. The timeline to reach this goal can vary drastically depending on your age group, how often you train, how often you compete, an what your personal life looks like. Most legitimate BJJ schools predict that the average time for a student to achieve black belt is roughly about 10 years. That’s right you heard me correctly, a full decade, and that’s if you stick with your training. This is also the reason why a black belt in countries such as Brazil and Japan are addressed as Professor. It really is like getting a PHD.

So, let’s break this down a bit. You have 5 belts; white, blue, purple, brown, and black. Each one of these belts is a milestone in your training. There is no set time frame to go from belt to belt, it is entirely up to the teacher and how hard the student is willing to work to achieve the goal. This same type of work and commitment corelates to our goals in business and in life. The mindset is no different, are you treating your goals or your training like a hobby, working or training a couple days a week, or are you committed to achieving the desired results in the most efficient manner possible? The answer to these questions will dramatically alter the results you achieve. Here is an example. If you really want your black belt and you commit to train 5-6 days for 2-4 hours a day for 4-5 years you will be pretty damn close to receiving a black belt. Now let’s break this down even further. These numbers do not include strength and conditioning, additional cardio, yoga for flexibility and injury prevention (as well as peace of mind). Oh, and don’t forget all of the therapists you will be frequenting to keep you healthy, so you can train those 4-5 years, i.e. Chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, FST (facial stretch therapy), cryotherapy, and so on. I almost forgot to mention all of the studying, either watching video, writing down your techniques, or reading content.

The point here is hard work and systematic goal setting strategies are the key to success. You get out of life what you give, BJJ is a constant reminder of this fact. It teaches us to be consistent with our training and our goals. Patience with ourselves and our development, as well as tenacity in our pursuit to achieve the desired results. The beauty of BJJ is that is doesn’t end with black belt. Actually, it has been often said that black belt is just the beginning of the real journey. Not only do you continue to constantly transition and grow, but so does the entire sport. Your business is no different, technology is moving at lightning fast speeds and what worked last month may not work today. In addition to setting goals we must learn to adapt our goals to our constantly changing environment. BJJ transforms you into a goal setting machine that is constantly growing and adapting to a highly organic and hybrid environment. Just the type of training you need to face the business world we live in today.


  • Clearly define exactly what you desire, you must be very clear on defining exactly what it is you want

  • Set a timeline to achieve the desired goal

  • Set specific milestones to reaching your goal and create a timeline for each one of these milestones

  • Physically write down your goals on paper, once they are defined, write them every day on paper in the morning when you awake, before your midday meal, and before you go to sleep at night. Do this till they are achieved, no matter how long it takes

  • Naturally your goals may change, to insure you are staying authentic to yourself, when you are writing your goals, do not look back at the goals you wrote the day before, or even earlier that day

  • Finally, once you start working on your goals set aside an evening to write down the actions you took that week to achieve each milestone for each goal. If you are extremely diligent you may want to do this every evening

  • Accountability is everything with goal setting, this method will help you be accountable to yourself

  • Do not stress how you will get there remember these words “how happens when you let how go”

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