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Great Places to Visit in Las Vegas, NV

When planning to tour the world, you should think of Nevada. There are very few States that can be compared to Nevada. And one of the most popular destinations in Nevada is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a fantastic city that has many beautiful sceneries and great outdoor recreation places.

 The city has excellent sites to visit such as amusement parks, live performances places, museums and many more. There are also popular and famous casinos in Las Vegas. No one can go wrong with a visit to Las Vegas. Below are five great places to visit in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5 Great Places to visit in Las Vegas, Nevada

1. The Strip

Even though casinos are in every part of Las Vegas, the strip has the most. Hence, if you are in Las Vegas, do not miss to tour The Strip to see the megacasinos, hotels and the lovely atmosphere around that area.

2. Craig-Ranch Regional Park

If you are looking for a nice area for a picnic and play with kids, this is among the best parks in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the park, there are three dog parks, baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, civic plazas, community gardens, and places for leisure. You spend several hours at the park. The park is located in North Las Vegas, and it is opened from Monday to Saturday every week. It is affordable and among the best places to visit in Las Vegas.

 3. Neon Museum

Another great place is the Neon Museum. It is a non-organization that helps to collect, preserve, study and exhibit iconic signs for art, educational and historical purposes in Las Vegas. There are many events at the museum that can help adults and kids are many things. However, due to the way the collections are kept, people can only tour the museum through guided tours. When visiting the museum, ensure you dress well since the selections are outdoors. Besides, make sure you book early to avoid disappointments.

4. Red-Rock Canyon National-Conservation Area

If you are planning to visit Nevada, this is one place you cannot miss to tour. It is a place that filled with great indoor and outdoor exhibits, live tortoise habitats, and many more. Also, Red-Rock Canyon is for hikes and trails. There are more than 20 hikes and trails, which can take you to the highest Red-Rock Canyon. Climbing is also popular in this area. Whether you are a beginner or an expert climber, you can enjoy climbing at Red-Rock Canyon. Also, there is biking, camping, and photography. So whether you are planning to visit Las Vegas with your family or as a group, Red-Rock Canyon National-Conservation Area is a great place you cannot miss to visit.

5. Las Vegas Natural-History Museum

This museum was opened to provide history to the visitors about Las Vegas. However, the museum has managed to collect amazing world-class collections that are exciting, beautiful and good for learning. The museum has desert and ocean collections, Las Vegas and Africa collections, present and prehistoric collections, and many more.

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