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 Las Vegas is a familiar city that everyone all over the world wishes to visit. It is a city that has drawn many visitors and generated trillions of dollars in revenue. But very few people know the history of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada was founded by railway workers and ranchers. From the old years, Las Vegas has been known for gambling, prostitution and adults-only shows. Below is the history of Las, Vegas.

The History of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada. The area was named Las Vegas by Rafel Rivera who was a trader traveling to Los Angeles but stopped for water in the area. During that time, many valleys contained wells surrounded by green fields. Las Vegas is a Spanish term that means pasture.

The settlement in Las Vegas began in 1905 after the opening of a railway that connects Los Angeles and the Salt Lake City. This attracted many people, especially farmers from Utah. But in 1911, the area was included as part of Clark County. In 1931, the urbanization began when Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam) was being built. Many young male workers settled in the area and started building clubs, casinos, and theatres. Since there was electricity from the dam, many buildings and hotels were built along the strip.

The city of Las Vegas and The Strip

In the 1940s, several resorts opened in Las Vegas. Also, big hotels, casinos, and nightclubs were opened. And the section of the highway became populated with all kind of buildings, and it was given the name The Strip. Most buildings had Old-West themes that were very popular on Fremont Street. In 1946, Sigel, a renowned gangster, backed by Meyer, a Jewish mobster opened Flamingo, a resort that took some ideas from Hollywood. However, Sigel was killed in 1947, but this ideas for developing Las Vegas continued.

From 1940, Las Vegas enjoyed a military increase since World War II bases ushered the Cold War facilities. More than 100 bombs were detonated in Nevada. Most people could witness mushroom clouds that were visible from hotels on the Strip.

In the 1950s and 1960s, gangsters helped to build Las Vegas. They built Sahara, the New Frontier, the Sands, and the Riviera. Proceeds from crime and the respected investors also contributed to developing the city.

 The Rise of many hotels and Mega Casinos

There are many hotels and casinos in Las Vegas than other stores. The revenue of the city is mainly from entertainment joints. In 1966, Howard Hughes stayed in a penthouse, and he never left. Instead of facing eviction, he preferred to buy the hotel. This was a rare thing at that time. Later, he purchased many other hotels worth millions of dollars.

In 1989, a developer known as Steve Wynn started the Mirage. Mirage was the first megaresort in Las Vegas. Within two decades, the Strip was transformed into a different field. Traditional casinos were demolished to make room for mega-casinos taking ideas from Egypt, Rome, Paris, New York, and other places. Hotels, casinos, and entertainment is the Las Vegas’s major employer. This city has grown in size, the number of hotels and the number of visitors as well.

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