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Hi, I’m Marc Longwith.

Executive Business Coach | Business Coach |  Life Coach | Consultant | Mentor

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Are you ready to take the next step in your life towards success? With me as your life coach and business coach you will not
only reach your goals, but you’ll crush them! We’ll work together to create a feasible plan of attack to get you moving toward
your goals. Then, to make sure you stay on track we’ll have weekly meetings, direct access to me for questions and
inspiration and much more! See below for everything a three-month coaching contract includes.

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Discover 5 Keys to Creating and Living Your Best Life.
FREE E-Book download! ($49 value)

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When you follow my practices in 5 Keys to Creating and Living You​r Best Life,  you will discover how to…

  • Master your daily routine to increase your productivity tenfold and find balance in your life.

  • Inventory the stimuli your brain consumes and be completely in control of your thoughts and your life.

  • Feel your best by learning how to feed your body the proper nutrition it needs.

  • Utilize exercise to motivate you throughout your day and create the best physical version of yourself.

  • Learn how to wake up and start your day the right way, ready to conquer the world.

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Life Coach Las Vegas

Relentless consistency is the key to achieving any goal you desire in life.  When I have my sights set on something I want, I pursue it with laser like focus until I achieve the desired result.  For me this has been my greatest gift in life.  It has enabled me to build a million-dollar business from my garage, launch a startup that is profitable in less than 3 months, consult for billion-dollar corporations, obtain a black belt, and compete professionally in both MMA and Jiu Jitsu.  Discipline is my key to consistency.  Pushing myself beyond my limits is what makes me relentless.  Developing a strategy utilizing these two components is how I dominate in my field and any goal I take on!


Along the journey I realized that the most fulfilling part about opening my own business, consulting for corporations, and competing in MMA and Jiu Jitsu is the people I am doing it with.  Relationships are everything to me.  I noticed very early on that I received more fulfillment and joy from watching other succeed than even myself.  I am a natural teacher and truly love helping others grow.  As the old saying goes, do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.  I am living proof that this is true.  I am currently consulting for a famed Michelin Star Chef to build his brand from the ground up, while coaching clients through their challenges and inspiring them to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams.  I am living my own dream by helping others achieve theirs.  I am beyond grateful for the favor that life is offering me.  I hope to share that with as many people as I can!

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  • Top Rated Life Coach in Las Vegas

  • Top Rated Business Coach

  • Voted Best Las Vegas Life Coach

  • #1 Best Business Consulting

  • Voted Top 100 Men of the Year in Las Vegas

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Jiu Jitsu For Mental Toughness
In Business

Developing the skill of mental
toughness for business and life
through martial arts training.

Watch Now

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Trust and Self-Doubt

A quick look into how BJJ specifally
develops trust and confidence while
eliminating self-doubt.

Watch Now

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Jiu Jitsu As A Family
And Support Group

How Jiu Jitsu cultivates a family
environment, and develops a
complete support group

Watch Now

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I was taught a very wise piece of knowledge when I was a boy.  My mother told me to always seek wisdom in everything that I do.  Being a religious woman, I knew she meant for me to pray, but as I grew older I realized that she also meant to seek out others who could mentor me and teach me.  Later on, in life, during the beginning years of my entrepreneurial career I met a man who shared the same advice with me.  He said he never have less than 5 mentors in your life at any time, depending on what you are currently doing. 

This man was a senior executive of Australia’s largest retailer, grossing over $37 billion annually, and has led multiple entrepreneurial startups over the last decade.  Considering his accolades, I took his advice to heart and currently employ mentors in all areas of my life.  I have a S&C coach, a BJJ coach, a striking coach, multiple lawyers, spiritual mentors, friends I can share with, and most importantly a life coach.  Read More >>

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Featured Post By Marc Longwith

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