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Getting Unstuck
(How To Break Out Of Your Funk)

Let’s admit it, we all get stuck from time to time.  Some of us more than others.  I can remember times in my life where I was basically stuck for years without even knowing it.  We look around ourselves and never think that others are facing the same challenges.   When in reality, most of us are, and some even worse than we can imagine.  This right here is the first key to starting the path to becoming unstuck.  You are not alone.  We are all going through our ups and downs in life.  Life is not easy in general, and in the blink of an eye it can take a crazy turn for the worse and leave you stuck in a rut.  Realizing that you are not alone and sharing with others who are facing challenges, somehow puts us at ease and gives us the courage to face our fears and keep pushing forward. 


I find that the most challenging of times are not the crazy dramatic situations that we find ourselves in.  Those usually wind up being met with a ton of support because they are so big an insurmountable.  It is the little stuff that is the most difficult.  The day to day mindset and everyday occurrences that wear us down and eventually bring us to our knees.  The nagging injuries we live with every day, our lack of spiritual practice that leaves a deficit in our soul, our dead-end job that doesn’t come close to providing us with passion, our money challenges that leave us living paycheck to paycheck, our inability to connect with others and have fulfilling relationships, and most of all, our untrained negative mindset. 


As a life coach, I face this challenge every time I acquire a new client.  I am not usually the guy you call when everything is going great.  I am the guy you call when life is not what you dreamed it would be, and you’re ready to make a change.  Most of the time the catalyst for this is you feel stuck.  Let’s face it, I am here to solve a problem, or for that matter, a plethora of problems.  Life coaching is about getting results and helping others find peace and happiness in their lives.  As I always say, seek wisdom.  Finding a coach, mentor, or guide, is the smartest thing you can do.  I look for experts whenever I am tackling something, I am unfamiliar with. 


Getting out of a funk is different for all of us.  There are a few main staples to solving the challenge.  For me, I know what drives me.  In knowing this I can go right to the things that fill my heart up and evoke my passion.  These things are unique to all of us and I highly recommend you take the time to figure out what they are for you.  I love to help people through my gifts.  My main gift is teaching.  So, when I feel down, I really enjoy writing in my blog.  I know I am spreading wisdom and I am able to express myself at the same time.  Writing is also something I enjoy and has always come natural to me since I was a boy.  I also love to train Jiu Jitsu and go to the gym.  These two exercises not only bring me joy, but they stimulate endorphins in my body and get my brain chemistry flowing in a positive direction.  Music is another great one for me.  It definitely has the power to change my mood. 


Whatever works for you is what you should be doing.  Whether that is a physical activity, reading a book, meditating, watching a comedy show, or just jamming out to some tunes.  Once we flip our mindset, the rest seems to follow.  Also, don’t forget about the sharing part.  Being vulnerable about where you are in life and what you need and sharing it with another human being you trust is extremely powerful.  You are not alone in this world and you have more in common with others than you think.  Seek out that wisdom and seek out that group you connect with to give you the support you need to get through the hard times.  On a side note, if you feed yourself the spiritual, physical, mental, and relational nutrition you need through a daily routine, you can often avoid the funk and stay unstuck!


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