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Marc Longwith Consultants

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Aligning with The Universe
(Energy Attraction)

Life coaching for me is all about learning to flow. Aligning yourself with your true authentic intention and essentially with the Universe. Once we solve this piece, everything else seems to just fall into place. We must dig deep within our hearts, our minds, and ultimately our soul! This can often times be truly messy work and by no means is it for the faint at heart. We must enter through our own darkness to discover the light that shines bright within us. We have built layers upon layers of fear, anger, and resentment. All of these layers block us from our true pure self. Our light becomes dim and we forget how to shine. This shines through into our daily lives and how we come across to every person we meet. Essentially, we are all energy, and we attract to ourselves what we project. A life coach must show their clients how to slowly peel these layers away, remove the self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs, and eventually shine their light onto the world.

Once this work starts the results are so intense and happen so quickly, the only word to use is awe and surprise. It’s as though you now have a team working behind the scenes for you. Helping you align with the Universe and achieve what your heart desires most. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but I have seen the work first hand and experienced it myself. I have even had people tell me I look different or tell my clients that they have a glow about them. We are connected to each other and humans can sense the energy of other humans. You feel it when you walk into a room or when you meet someone for the first time. We are all operating at our own frequencies and if you meet someone whose frequency is blasting with positivity or even negativity, I promise you that you are going to feel it. Whatever frequency you are broadcasting, that is the type of people and events you will attract into your life. We all have free will to choose how we output our energy and our frequency, and with that, we all choose what we attract into our lives!

Life coaching is about finding this balance and maintaining it for the duration of our lives. That is when we are in our flow state. When everything seems to just be flowing our way naturally. The work I do with clients involves exercises and tasks to help put them into this state. We start with defining their purpose or goals, but the real work comes from the daily routine. Monitoring their diet and exercise, their brain consumption, prayer, meditation, etc. A daily audit of their thoughts to see where they need forgiveness with others or themselves, and where they are forming self-limiting beliefs. The more disciplined we are with our routine the more in line we will be with the Universe. You skip your breathwork for a few days, forget to meditate, go out and get hammered and eat terrible, well, you will quickly jump off track. Once you experience what it feels like to flow with the Universe and be aligned with who you truly are, you will always come back to your authentic self. You may even take a year sabbatical at times, but eventually the spirit knows where home is, and it will find its way back there. Life coaching helps to reduce and eventually eliminate those sabbaticals. For me coaching is a necessity. I always function better with a mentor in my life. I often have multiple mentors at any given time, and they change depending on my goals and where I am at on my journey. You can navigate the space yourself, but I prefer to have a guide. Life coaching changed me and became the catalyst for me to want to become a life coach myself! Take the time to discover your authentic self and align your energy with God and the Universe. with. 

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