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Las Vegas is known as the best adult’s playground in the world. It is a city that is full of life during the day and at night. Las Vegas invites many guests all over the world. If you have never visited this great city, you need to make plans to visit.

Apart from great natural sceneries, big hotels and mega-casinos are some of the main attractions in Las Vegas. People around the world visit the city to experience fun and to visits some of the best hotels in the word. One famous hotel and casino located on Las Vegas Strip is MGM Grand.

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada

The MGM Grand is the largest hotel in America with more than 6,000 rooms. MGM Grand is also the 3rd largest complex-hotel in the world. The hotel was opened in 1993, and it has numerous attractions.

The MGM Grand is home to many high-end restaurants and nightclubs. Award-winning DJs spin during the day and at night, and celebrities and artists are performing all the time. During the day, there are many activities and events to keep you entertained. You can choose to dance, swim, or relax in the parties. There are also many stores, but most people spend their time on casinos that have slot machines, poker tables, betting machines and many more. Most visitors are always impressed by the beauty and the size of the hotel.


Gaming is the main activity in the hotel. The MGM Grand is considered to have the most extensive gaming floors in Las Vegas. There are more than 2000 gaming machines, and several tables and poker games. The betting area is also full of activities. Bets are provided for different sports including football, soccer, boxing, and many more.


Being one of the largest hotels in the world, The MGM Grand is remarkable when it comes to hotels rooms. The rooms are in different buildings that include:

• The Main MGM Grand Hotel has more than 5000 rooms. It is comfy, modern and one of the best in Las Vegas.

• The Skylofts, a five-star hotel that occupies the top 2 floors of the main building.

• The Signature at MGM Grand towers that has more than 500 suites. The Signature is a famous condo hotel with fabulous amenities. It also has meeting rooms, a bar and restaurant, and a Starbucks.

• The Mansion with around 29 villas for VIPs, casino guests, and celebrities.


Apart from gaming and amazing hotel rooms, there are outstanding entertainment venues that are generally full all day and night. Some of the main sites include the MGM Grand Garden-Arena, Wet Republic, Ka-theatre, David Copperfield theatre, and many others. If you have kids, TopGolf is the place to take them. The venue has interactive golf games and many attractions.


There are many attractions at The MGM Grand. Young and elderly persons can enjoy various attractions inside the hotel. From the CSI to TopGolf, you can have fun at The MGM Grand.

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