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Being a life coach doesn’t mean that we have every single little thing figured out, or that we are infallible.  Trust me, I make mistakes in all aspects of my life, every single day.  I think what separates me from other is how I cope with those supposed “mistakes”.  I am very disciplined, more than most, honestly more than anyone I have personally met.  Maybe some people have more discipline in one specific area of their lives, but overall as a whole, I find that I am more disciplined than most anyone I have ever met.  This requires not only discipline but balance.  Due to this personality trait, I can be extremely hard on myself and in return hard on others.  Life coaching is about getting results, and most of us do not respond well to high levels of criticism.  In fact, for most of us it shuts us down and we perform poorly.  Even though I do respond well to high levels of criticism, I found that I still outperformed my expectations when I started taking it easy on myself and loving myself exactly where I was. 


Self-love is a very difficult thing to explain to a person who hired you as their life coach.  They are usually looking for you to put them in their place or lay out strict guidelines instead of telling them to take it easy on themselves.  When people here that advice, they often misconstrue it with being lazy.  They think, the reason I hired you is because I am too easy on myself.  The opposite is usually true.  The reason people hire me is because they don’t know how to take care of themselves and they don’t have discipline and balance in their lives.  Trust me, I will push you and I will hold you accountable, but it does you no good to degrade yourself.  It destroys your spirit and over time your confidence.  Positive self-talk and a deep nurturing care for yourself is the most effective way to take care of you. 


Self-love and life coaching should be synonymous with each other. If results are the main goal, then beating ourselves up every day is the absolute worst thing we can do.  We are human beings and we are not perfect by any means.  We are going to miss the mark in all areas of our lives.  That is part of being human.  It is also part of growing and learning.  You really can’t learn without failure, it is almost impossible.  There is a statistic that says highly successful people make the wrong decision more than 40% of the time.  The point here is that they do not let that affect them and they get right back up and try again.  This is the mindset I try to instill in my clients.  Don’t get me wrong, as opposed to many of the ads floating around today, my clients and I are not shooting to fail.  We are always shooting to succeed, but when we do fail, not if, but when, we take it in stride and move to the next idea. 


Beating ourselves up leads to a very slow recovery.  We loathe over something and take it to heart so much that sometimes we don’t even try again.  The key to success is acceptance.  Accepting our failures and not letting them eat away at us allows us to analyze them and fix the problem.  See there really are no problems or failures, these are just words that we use.  Really there are just challenges and solutions.  Maybe you don’t find the right solution the first, second, or tenth time.  Eventually though you will solve the challenge and move on to the next one.  In the process learn to take it easy on yourself and allow for “mistakes” and a bit of leeway.  Taking care of ourselves and nurturing our hearts from the inside out is the path to longevity and performance.  Life is not about 1 day or 1 performance, it is a marathon compiled of so many things.  Learn to love yourself along the way and not only will you be happier, you will attract happiness to you, and you will perform better in the long run. 


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