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Defining Success

The definition of success in life is simply achieving what you set out to. Now obviously this is very broad and is up for much interpretation. Defining success is crucial for each and every one of us, yet it is also very personal and often times fleeting or changing. This seems like such a simple question to answer, but when a person is asked what they consider success to be, they often respond with generic answers that have involved little or no thought. Most of us really have no idea what we want in life. If we did, we would probably be out there going after it. Often times we simply need to define our definition of success and simply set an intention to create that reality. Working with a business coach or a life coach is one of the quickest ways to help you decipher your internal chatter and reveal your definition of success.

Believe it or not this is not as simple as it seems. Like any undertaking in life, hiring a professional coach to help you navigate that space will be crucial to how quickly and efficiently you achieve your desired results. It takes a large amount of introspection and in-depth soul searching to determine what we really want in life. Once we do this we can start to strategize and develop a plan to achieve the results we desire. We must define what success means, then start with the end goal in mind. After that we can effectively strategize how to achieve the outcome, we most desire. Once we start on the path, our definition will most likely grow and adapt. As I said, success is merely achieving what we have set out to. When we do achieve the desired results, we tend to desire more or even change in a completely different direction. As a business coach and life coach I can assist you in your growth pattern, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the journey. All of this is completely normal, the journey to success and life in general is organic and constantly in flux. What matters is that we are engaging life head on and going after what it is that we feel has meaning. That could be family, sports, business, friends, hobbies, etc. As long as we take the time to search our hearts and define our true intentions, we are living a life of fulfillment. If we are searching for outside validation or we haven’t taken the time to introspect, and are simply following someone else’s template, we will never find “Our” true success!

Business coaching and life coaching are the fundamental components to achieving the life you always dreamed of faster than you ever imagined possible. Here are a just a few tools that I use to help my clients search their hearts and find success in their lives.

Journal in detail what your life would look like if you could wave a magic wand and have anything you want. No inhibitions, no restrictions, no self-doubt or self-limiting beliefs. It is important to hit every aspect of your life: your residence, your family, your business, your hobbies, your possessions, your friends, your appearance, your partner, etc. You must be extremely specific when doing this. Almost as though you are visualizing it into reality. Manifestation is the byproduct of a very exact, very detailed, laser-like vision.

Vision Board:
I love this project, I do one every year. It is not only fun for me, but it makes it easy for me to visualize my idea of success because the entire project is in pictures. I do like to add quotes or even write on the board myself, but the point here is to have a physical representation of what you want your life to look like. This is a very powerful tool and I have seen it manifest itself into fruition many times in my life. It is a constant reminder of where you are going and what it is you desire. Sometimes all we need is a reminder.

Daily Goal List:
I write my goals down every single day, morning, noon, and night. As I said before, sometimes we just need a reminder. This keeps our minds set on the task and moving in the right direction. A goal list is almost like a daily devotional. I prefer to not look at my previous list, so I am writing from my heart and keeping my goals coming from within. New goals will appear, and some will just fall off based on importance.

Success is unique to all of us, but the path to get there is navigated easiest with a guide. Marc Longwith Consultants offers business coaching to maximize your current brand or launch an entirely new one. As well as life coaching to create balance and help you align with your authentic purpose and live your best life. Transform your life and unleash the brilliance inside of you!

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