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Mirage Hotel and Casino is one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a 3,044 room resort and casino located on the popular Las Vegas Strip. This hotel is operated by MGM Resorts International.

If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, The Mirage is the best place to book. It is a resort that has wonderful amenities for both children and adults. From big swimming pools to kids’ activities, there are great things to do and see at the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why Visit the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mirage is famous because it is an attractive hotel inside and outside. Even though casinos are not for everyone, the Mirage has great family attractions that are affordable. It is a resort that offers amazing landscapes and entertainment to children. Therefore, if you are looking for fun ways to spend your visit in Las Vegas, you need to include the Mirage in your list. Below are some of the reasons why you need to tour the Mirage.

1. Interact with the dolphins: One fun thing you can do at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas is interacting with the dolphins. You can intermingle with the dolphins and get to learn a lot of things about them. In addition, you get some arts and pictures of you with some of the dolphins. It is an incredible experience that you cannot find somewhere else.

2. The Mirage aquarium: Another amazing place to visit is the aquarium. If you can avoid the busy schedules, you can be guaranteed a good and amazing viewing time. It is a 50 feet long saltwater-aquarium that has more than 400 exotic fish. The aquarium is long, attractive and one of the best places to visit when in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you manage to visit the place in the morning, you will be happy to see the staff cleaning it and kids can enjoy watching the fish swim around.

3. The Mirage volcano: Outside the hotel and casino, there is an amazing volcano with great waterfalls. It is a great scene that is wonderful for young kids who might have never experienced anything like that before. The Mirage volcano erupts every hour and there are massive fireballs and explosions that have been designed to spectacular music. Those volcano eruptions are high enough for everyone to see. If you not at the hotel during the eruptions, you have to wait for the next eruptions.

4. The Atrium: The Mirage Hotel indoor atrium is another excellent place to tour while in Las Vegas. You can tour the place with the kids and take some pictures. It is an atrium that matches a tropical forest with some waterfalls, palm trees, exotic blooms, and beautiful green plants. It is an excellent place for a family photo and since there are many people around, it is easy to find someone to take the shot. These are some fun and entertaining activities you can do at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Visit the hotel to enjoy amazing attractions and indoor activities.

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