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I was taught a very wise piece of knowledge when I was a boy.  My mother told me to always seek wisdom in everything that I do.  Being a religious woman, I knew she meant for me to pray, but as I grew older I realized that she also meant to seek out others who could mentor me and teach me.  Later on, in life, during the beginning years of my entrepreneurial career I met a man who shared the same advice with me.  He said he never have less than 5 mentors in your life at any time, depending on what you are currently doing.  This man was a senior executive of Australia’s largest retailer, grossing over $37 billion annually, and has led multiple entrepreneurial startups over the last decade.  Considering his accolades, I took his advice to heart and currently employ mentors in all areas of my life.  I have a S&C coach, a BJJ coach, a striking coach, multiple lawyers, spiritual mentors, friends I can share with, and most importantly a life/business coach. 

Some people love to figure things out on their own, and I highly admire the tenacity and curiosity involved in such undertakings.  I on the other hand am all about efficiency.  I hate to waste time, and I want things done right.  Not just right, but the very best they can be.  I realize that most people who are experts in their chosen field can do the job not only better than myself, but much quicker as well.  This all adds up to efficiency coupled with optimal results. 

Optimal results are what I personally desire in life.  Like Jiu Jitsu or coaching and mentoring others, I do my very best to seek out the highest level of mentorship I can.  Now I know all of this sounds like a lot of work, or it even sounds expensive.  Well you’re right on both ends, but I always ask 2 questions.  What is your life worth to you and show me anything in life worth a damn that came easy.  I never wanted to be mediocre at anything in life.  If I felt that way I would rather pay someone else to do it.  I am looking to be the best I can be, no excuses.  If this is something I desire, then I am going to put every bit of effort towards it to become the very best I can possibly be. 

Coaching is not an option, it is a necessity.  Not one single great person in the world did it on their own.  Coaching is the difference between being mediocre and great, between half ass results and optimal performance.  Deciding whether or not to launch and straight up execution.  In sports, they don’t fire the player, they fire the coach.  Why do you think that is?  I can tell you why, because he is the orchestrater.  He is the one who creates the platform.  He holds his players accountable.   He is the guide and mentor, they are just the performers.  Without a coach the team would be in complete chaos. 

Trust me, for many of us our lives feel like they are in chaos.  We have nobody to turn to for advice, or just to listen to us and bounce ideas off of.  If you want to be great I suggest you find someone to mentor and guide you.  It doesn’t have to be me, but I promise you that you cannot walk this road alone and be your very best.  Find someone who brings out the very best in you.  Who inspires you to operate at your highest level and supports you when you miss the mark.  Find yourself a coach and utilize them to create the best version of yourself that you ever thought possible.

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